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Sharma A, Omer Aden R, Puhar A#, Cisneros DA# (2022)
CRISPR-Cas guided mutagenesis of chromosome and virulence plasmid in Shigella flexneri by cytosine base editing
mSystems (epub ahead of print)
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Tadala L, Langenbach D, Dannborg M, Cervantes-Rivera R, Sharma A, Vieth K, Rieckmann LM, Wanders A, Cisneros DA, Puhar A (2022)
Infection-induced membrane ruffling initiates danger and immune signaling via the mechanosensor PIEZO1
Cell Rep. 40 (6): 111173
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Ramos AL, Aquino M, García G, Gaspar M, de la Cruz C, Saavedra-Flores A, Brom S, Cervantes-Rivera R, Galindo-Sánchez CE, Hernandez R, Puhar A, Lupas AN, Sepulveda E (2022)
RpuS/R is a novel two-component signal transduction system that regulates the expression of the pyruvate symporter mctP in Sinorhizobium fredii NGR234
Front. Microbiol. 10: 871077
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Kerkman PF*, Dernstedt A*, Tadala L, Mittler E, Dannborg M, Sundling C, Maleki KT, Tauriainen J, Tuiskunen-Bäck A, Byström Wigren J, Ocaya P, Thunberg T, Jangra R, Román-Sosa G, Guardado-Calvo P, Rey FA, Klingström J, Chandran K, Puhar A#, Ahlm C#, Forsell MNE (2021)
The generation of plasma cells and CD27-IgD- B cells during Hantavirus infection are associated with distinct pathological findings
Clin. Transl. Immunol. 10 (7): e1313
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Corkery DP*, Nadeem A*, Aung KM, Hassan A, Liu T, Cervantes-Rivera R, Lystad AH, Wang H, Persson K, Puhar A, Simonsen A, Uhlin BE, Wai SN, Wu YW (2021)
Vibrio cholerae cytotoxin MakA induces noncanonical autophagy resulting in the spatial inhibition of canonical autophagy
J. Cell Sci. 134 (5): jcs252015
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Cervantes-Rivera R, Puhar A (2020)
Whole-genome Identification of Transcriptional Start Sites by Differential RNA-Seq in Bacteria
Bio Protoc. 10 (18): e3757
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Cervantes-Rivera R, Tronnet S, Puhar A (2020)
Complete genome sequence and annotation of the laboratory reference strain Shigella flexneri serotype 5a M90T and genome-wide transcriptional start site determination
BMC Genomics 21 (1): 285
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Link to RegulonDB broswer of Shigella flexneri M90T genomic and transcriptomic data

Sharma A, Puhar A (2019)
Gentamicin Protection Assay to Determine the Number of Intracellular Bacteria during Infection of Human TC7 Intestinal Epithelial Cells by Shigella flexneri
Bio Protoc. 9 (13): e3292
PubMed link 

Sharma A, Puhar A (2019)
Plaque Assay to Determine Invasion and Intercellular Dissemination of Shigella flexneri in TC7 Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Bio Protoc. 9 (13): e3293
PubMed link

Boal F, Puhar A, Xuereb JM, Kunduzova O, Sansonetti PJ, Payrastre B, Tronchere H (2016)
PI5P Triggers ICAM-1 Degradation in Shigella Infected Cells, Thus Dampening Immune Cell Recruitment
Cell Rep. 14 (4): 750-759
PubMed Link

Bravo V, Puhar A, Sansonetti P, Parsot C, Toro CS (2015)
Distinct mutations led to inactivation of type 1 fimbriae expression in Shigella spp.
PLoS One 10 (3): e0121785
PubMed Link

Puhar A*, Sansonetti PJ (2014)
Type III Secretion System
Curr. Biol. 24 (17): pR784-R791
PubMed Link   (*Corresponding author)

Puhar A*, Sansonetti PJ (2014)
Induction of Connexin-hemichannel Opening
Bio Protoc. 4 (17): e1220
Link to publication     (*Corresponding author), featured protocol

Puhar A*, Sansonetti PJ (2014)
Dye-uptake Experiment through Connexin-hemichannels
Bio Protoc. 4 (17): e1221
Link to publication    (*Corresponding author), featured protocol

Puhar A*, Tronchere H, Payrastre B, Tran Van Nhieu G, Sansonetti PJ (2013)
A Shigella Effector Dampens Inflammation by Regulating Epithelial Release of Danger Signal ATP through Production of the Lipid Mediator PtdIns5P
Immunity 39 (6): 1121-1131
PubMed Link     (*Corresponding author)
Featured article of the Society for Mucosal Immunology, month of April 2014.

Teo I, Toms SM, Marteyn B, Barata TS, Simpson P, Johnston KA, Schnupf P, Puhar A, Bell T, Tang C, Zloh M, Matthews S, Rendle PM, Sansonetti PJ, Shaunak S (2012)
Preventing acute gut wall damage in infectious diarrhoeas with glycosylated dendrimers
EMBO Mol. Med. 4 (9): 866-881
PubMed Link

Tran SL, Puhar A, Ngo-Camus M, Ramarao N (2011)
Trypan Blue Dye Enters Viable Cells Incubated with the Pore-Forming Toxin HlyII of Bacillus cereus
PLoS One 6 (9): e22876
PubMed Link

Tran SL, Guillemet E, Ngo-Camus M, Clybouw C, Puhar A, Moris A, Gohar M, Lereclus D, Ramarao N (2011)
Haemolysin II is a Bacillus cereus virulence factor that induces apoptosis of macrophages
Cell. Microbiol. 13 (1): 92-108
PubMed Link

Konradt C, Frigimelica E, Nothelfer K, Puhar A, Salgado-Pabon W, di Bartolo V, Scott-Algara D, Rodrigues CD, Sansonetti PJ, Phalipon A (2011)
The Shigella flexneri type three secretion system effector IpgD inhibits T cell migration by manipulating host phosphoinositide metabolism
Cell Host Microbe 9 (4): 263-272
PubMed Link

Puhar A*, Dal Molin F, Horvath S, Ladant D, Montecucco C (2008)
Anthrax edema toxin modulates PKA- and CREB-dependent signaling in two phases
PLoS One 3 (10): e3564
PubMed Link   (*Corresponding author)

Lin PC, Puhar A, Steuber J (2008)
NADH oxidation drives respiratory Na+ transport in mitochondria from Yarrowia lipolytica
Arch. Microbiol. 190 (4): 471-480
PubMed Link

Dal Molin F, Zornetta I, Puhar A, Tonello F, Zaccolo M, Montecucco C (2008)
cAMP imaging of cells treated with pertussis toxin, cholera toxin, and anthrax edema toxin
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 376 (2): 429-433
PubMed Link

Puhar A*, Montecucco C (2007)
Where and how do anthrax toxins exit endosomes to intoxicate host cells?
Trends Microbiol. 15 (11): 477-482
PubMed Link   (*Corresponding author)

Genisset C*, Puhar A*, Calore F, de Bernard M, Dell'Antone P, Montecucco C (2007)
The concerted action of the Helicobacter pylori cytotoxin VacA and of the v-ATPase proton pump induces swelling of isolated endosomes.
Cell. Microbiol. 9 (6): 1481-1490
PubMed Link   (*Equal contribution)

Lin PC*, Puhar A*, Turk K, Piligkos S, Bill E, Neese F, Steuber J (2005)
A vertebrate-type ferredoxin domain in the Na+-translocating NADH dehydrogenase from Vibrio cholerae
J. Biol. Chem. 280 (24): 22560-22563
PubMed Link   (*Equal contribution)

Turk K, Puhar A, Neese F, Bill E, Fritz G, Steuber J (2004)
NADH oxidation by the Na+-translocating NADH:quinone oxidoreductase from Vibrio cholerae: functional role of the NqrF subunit
J. Biol. Chem. 279 (20): 21349-21355
PubMed Link

Puhar A, Johnson EA, Rossetto O, Montecucco C (2004)
Comparison of the pH-induced conformational change of different clostridial neurotoxins
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 319 (1): 66-71
PubMed Link

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