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Mechanisms and dynamics of endocytic carrier formation during infection

PI: Richard Lundmark, Associate Professor
Department of Integrative Medical Biosciences
Head of Biochemical Imaging Centre Umeå (BICU)
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

endocytosic_smallEndocytosis is the way by which cells take up nutrients, regulate cell surface receptors and balance the membrane integrity. During endocytosis, distinct protein machineries re-sculpture the plasma membrane into vesicular or tubular membrane carriers that enclose molecules that are to be taken up into the cell. Besides the canonical clathrin endocytic machinery, it is becoming increasingly clear that additional membrane carriers exist for the delivery of a variety of proteins, including integrins, GPI-anchored receptors, viruses and bacterial toxins. Effector molecules secreted by bacteria are designed to specifically target cellular processes. Such molecules have been shown to facilitate their own uptake into cells. Similarly, viruses can easily hijack endocytic pathways of the cell due to their relatively small size.

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We use a wide array of techniques ranging from protein and lipid biochemistry, biophysics and structural analysis to advanced high speed imaging of molecules in living cells and correlative imaging approaches for ultra-structural resolution. For imaging, we have established the Biochemical Imaging Centre Umeå (BICU), which is an open access imaging facility.

Our lab is situated in the Chemical Biological Centre (KBC) at Umeå University and belongs to the MIMS (The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden - MIMS within the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine). The KBC and MIMS environments offer state-of-the-art facilities for biological sciences and modern laboratories in a creative, inspiring and highly interactive environment.

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