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Postdoctoral Opportunity in Structural Biology - Barandun lab

Our recently established research group seeks young investigators interested in joining our team as postdoctoral researcher. The Barandun lab uses innovative biochemical approaches combined with state-of-the-art tools in structural biology to study infection related processes in pathogenic organisms.

We are using a combination of in-vivo assays, biochemistry and cryo-electron microscopy to study macromolecular complexes of specialized pathogenic organisms (prokaryotes and eukaryotes). We aim to provide a molecular basis of key mechanisms in infection processes and uncover unique structural determinants that could serve as novel targets for antibiotics.

About the Barandun Lab

Our research group is affiliated with The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS) and Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab). MIMS is the Swedish Node in the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine. Our laboratory has excellent access to an outstanding cryo-EM facility, the Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy at Umeå University which is hosting one of the two nodes of the national cryo-EM facility at SciLifeLab.

Your Background

Motivated candidates who would like to work in a young and dynamic team are encouraged to apply. A background in molecular biology and biochemistry is required and experience with genome manipulation techniques (e.g. CRISPR/Cas9) or structural biology a plus.

Applicants should send their CV, a short letter of motivation including a summary of previous research experience and two reference contacts to Jonas Barandun, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Selected previous work:

Barandun, J. et al. The complete structure of the small-subunit processome. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 24, 944–953 (2017).

Barandun, J. et al. Crystal structure of the complex between prokaryotic ubiquitin-like protein and its ligase PafA. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135, 6794–7 (2013).

Hunziker, M. et al. UtpA and UtpB chaperone nascent pre-ribosomal RNA and U3 snoRNA to initiate eukaryotic ribosome assembly. Nat. Commun. 7, 1–10 (2016).

Chaker-Margot et al. Architecture of the yeast small subunit processome. Science 355, eaal1880 (2017).

Sanghai, Z. A. et al. Modular assembly of the nucleolar pre-60S ribosomal subunit. Nature 556, 126–129 (2018).

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Emmanuelle Charpentier, Alumna at MIMS, Director of the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens, Berlin, Germany.

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