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Templates for letters, posters and presentations
The MIMS-logo is kept in the same colour as the blue colour used by Umeå university. The colour code is PMS 293/CMYK X600
The font used in the Logo is Helvetica.
The Logo has to be placed on the left in the upper or lower corner of the document.
If the logo is used together with the UmU logo than the MIMS logo should be placed in the upper left corner and the universitiy's logo in the lower corner.

Please use the same font as the university guidlines recommend for the text parts of your document/poster/presentation:
Umeå University uses three different fonts - Georgia, Gotham and Verdana. Georgia is used in body text. A specially adapted version of Gotham is used as a font for headings in printed matter and advertisements. Verdana is used as a font for headings in office materials and as a web font.

Access to the logos is only provided to the members of MIMS research groups.

Please contact the information officer Eva-Maria Diehl for login.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download of Templates and Logos 

Emmanuelle Charpentier about MIMS (2015):
“A sense of high-level education and high-level research, a respect for excellent research, an understanding of support for basic research, for long—term training of PhD students and understanding that good research also comes with time, good working conditions, a sense of community joining forces and reduced administrative burden, respect for junior scientists.” 

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