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Andrea Puhar new MIMS Group Leader

Andrea Puhar MIMS GL[2015-05-15] MIMS welcomes Andrea Puhar who is establishing her research group from May 2015 at the Department of Molecular Biology.
Andrea has during the previous years performed postdoctoral research at Institut Pasteur in Paris, France. Before her arrival in Umeå, she spent some months as a visiting scientist in the Department of Gastroenterology, RWTH University, Aachen, Germany.

Within the next months Andrea Puhar will recruit PhD students, master students and postdocs to her new lab. Interested persons are highly welcome to send a letter of interest with CV and motivation letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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MIMS Scientists on the ECCMID 2015 Congress in Copenhagen

[2015-04-29] Three MIMS members participated in the European Congress for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 25-28 April 2015, Copenhagen.
Dagens Medicin's journalist, Michael Borgert, reported about the Conference with more than 10 000 participants. (Dagens Medicin) He focussed also on three researchers from MIMS and Umeå University. Dagens Medicine 20150428 Chinmay DwibediChinmay Dwibedi, PhD-student at the department of Clinical Microbiology presented his poster on the phylogenomic study of the Clonal expansion of Francisella tularensis in continental western Europe.
Article in Dagens Medicin (in Swedish)
Chinmay Dwibedi's abstract at ECCMID 2015

Dagens Medicine 20150428 edin"Outstanding abstract": Alicia Edin, MIMS Clinical Research Fellow, medical doctor and PhD-student, was the second scientist who attracted the interest of Dagens Medicin. Her abstract was awarded as "one of the outstanding abstracts" at the conference and she received a travel stipend. She presented a metabolomic study on the metabolite profiles of patients who suffered from Community-Acquired Pneumonia, CAP. The study, performed in collaboration with the Swedish Metabolomics Centre, showed that it is possible to use a metabolite fingerprint as a tool for faster diagnosis and cure of these patients.
Article in Dagens Medicine (in Swedish)
Winning abstract at ECCMID 2015
Dagens Medicine 20150429JohanssonAnders Johansson, Clinical Research Fellow and PI at MIMS, medical doctor and head of the department of the Hospital Infection Control at Norrland University Hospital interviewed by Michael Borgert about his impression of the conference and the three most interesting topics on the congress of the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.
Dagens Medicin about ECCMID
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Movie about Emmanuelle Charpentier

Louis Jeantet PrizeFor the prize ceremony on 22 April in Geneve, the Louis-Jeantet Foundation presented a movie about Emmanuelle Charpentier, the winner of the Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine 2015. In the movie several people from MIMS and Umeå University give interviews.

Watch the movie on the webpage of the Louis-Jeantet Foundation

New centre for molecular medicine centre at Umeå University - 175 Million SEK

[2015-04-09] Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation announced today that the foundation will invest 175 million SEK during 2016-2024 in a new Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine at Umeå University. The centre will be part of the national plan of the the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foudation to re-establish Sweden's leading position in medical research. Similar laboratories will be set up at the University of Gothenburg and Lund University.

Apart from the funding by the Wallenberg Foundation, The Kempe Foundations, Umeå University and the County Council of Västerbotten will also contribute to the new laboratory.

Read the news on the webpage of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (in Swedish)

Press release from Umeå University

FIMM director Olli Kallioniemi - new director of SciLifeLab

Olli Kallioniemi 2015 250[2015-03-26] Today the board of the Science for Life Laboratory
(SciLifeLab) announces the appointment of Olli Kallioniemi as new director for the National Laboratory.

MIMS congratulates Olli Kallioniemi to the appointment.
Olli Kallioniemi will join SciLifeLab as professor at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and start as director of SciLifeLab from July 1st, 2015.

Press release from SciLifeLab


Picture: Veikko Somerpuro

DNA-damage causes immune reaction and inflammation and is linked to cancer development

Nelson Gekara[2015-02-17] For the first time scientists from Umeå University show the importance of DNA damage in fine tuning of our innate immune system and hence the ability to mount the optimal inflammatory response to infections and other biological dangers. The study is published on 17th February in the very prestigious international journal Immunity (CellPress).

The research group of Nelson Gekara within the Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS) at Umeå University is interested in understanding how the innate immune system, our first line of defense is regulated and how defects in the immune system contribute to infectious and inflammatory diseases. Our immune system does not lie idle waiting to be attacked before it responds. Even in the absence of infections, our immune system is in a constant state of alert. Among the immune mediators that are constantly produced at low levels and which keep our immune system awake are a group of factors called type I interferon. A very delicate balance in the production of type I interferons is essential for health: insufficient production results in susceptibility to viral infections, while excessive production normally leads to autoimmune/inflammatory diseases.

Read more: DNA-damage causes immune reaction and inflammation and is linked to cancer development

Emmanuelle Charpentier on Radio Sweden: Two interviews

Emmanuelle Charpentier SRListen to a portrait of Emmanuelle Charpentier on Radio Sweden broadcasted on 7th of February 2015 16.35

in Science channel (P1, Vetenskap, "Forskarliv").

In an personal interview with Annika Östman, Radio Sweden, Emmanuelle Charpentier, talks about her bakground, her childhood and her career.

She mentions the advantages of coming to Umeå and working at MIMS.

Listen to the programme "forskarliv"

A second interview Emmanuelle Charpentier talks about her discoveries and her research.

Read the interview with Emmanuelle Charpentier on the webpage of Radio Sweden, Sveriges radio (published 5th of February 2015).

Listen to the interview (20 min)

Breakthrough Researcher from Umeå University broadcasted on BBC World News

Emmanuelle Charpentier breakthrough prize[20141121] A week ago, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Professor at Umeå University and Helmholtz Center for Infection Research, was honored with a very prestigious award in life sciences: The BREAKTHROUGH PRIZE. The prize was funded by renowned entrepreneurs of the Silicon Valley to highlight big achievements of scientists in the domains of mathematics, physics and life sciences to the public and the younger generation. The prize honors breakthroughs in fundamental science, which are the basis for more discoveries and improvements for human kind.

Read more: Breakthrough Researcher from Umeå University broadcasted on BBC World News

9.25 Mio SEK funding from Swedish Research Council to Andrei Chabes, Constantin Urban and Sun Nyunt Wai

Three MIMS group leadera funded by the Swedish Research Council's General call for application 2014:

Andrei Chabes, received 4 Mio SEK funding for his project "DNA byggstenar och genomets stabilitet" (DNA building blocks and genome stability).

Constantin Urban will have his project "Identification of innate immune mechanisms in opportunistic mycoses and exploitation as antifungal therapies"  funded with 2.85 Mio SEK during the next years.

Sun Nyunt Wai received  funding of 2.4 Mio SEK funding for her project "Mechanisms and role of 'bacterial exosomes' Membrane vesicles from Gram-positive bacteria"

In total nine PIs at UCMR will be funded with 29,2 Mio SEK during the next four years: Fredrik Almqvist, Anna Arnqvist, Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson, Sun Nyunt Wai, Mikael Elofsson, Anna Linusson, Matthew Francis, Andrei Chabes and Constantin Urban.

Se the press release from Swedish Research Council

Vasili Hauryliuk Ragnar Söderberg fellow in medicine 2014!

vasili-hauryliuk 140The Rangar Söderberg foundation is supporting promising young researchers "with innovative ideas and proven scientific excellence". As a Ragnar Söderberg Fellow, Vasili will receive a 5-year grant of 8 Million SEK.

Press release the Ragnar Söderberg foundation (in Swedish)
Press release of Umeå University (in Swedish)
Movie of the Ragnar Söderberg foundation with all seven awardees in 2014

Webpage of the Hauryliuk lab at MIMS at MIMS



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