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Biomolecular NMR - A hands-on PhD course (2 ECTS)

Biomolecular NMR - A hands-on PhD course (2ECTS)

Organised by the NMR for Life at University of Gothenburg and Umeå University

Venue: Swedish NMR Centre, University of Gothenburg
Dates: 14-­‐18 Oct 2013
Target group: PhD students and researchers with projects involving protein characterization by NMR


• Vladislav Orekhov, Swedish NMR Centre, Univ. of Gothenburg
• Martin Billeter, Chem. and Mol. Biology, Univ. of Gothenburg
• Gerhard Gröbner, Umeå University, Sweden

Information: will be posted at

: by e-­‐mail to orov 'at';  deadline -­‐ 1 Oct 2013; registration fee -­‐ none; number of participants is limited

• Billeter, Martin, Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden
• Gröbner, Gerhard, Umeå University, Sweden
• Karlsson, Göran, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
• Mayzel, Maxim, University. of Gothenburg, Sweden
• Orekhov, Vladislav, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
• Uversky Vladimir, University of South Florida, USA
• Williamson Philip, University of Southampton, UK

• Concepts of NMR spectroscopy
• NMR spectrometer and data acquisition
• NMR signal processing: traditional & novel methods
• Resonance assignment
• Solid state NMR on biological membranes
• Molecular interactions in biological solids
• Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDP)

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