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Welcome to the MIMS UCMR Mini-Symposium 30th Sept 2013!

Place: Betula salen, building 6M, University Hospital Area

Welcome to interesting afternoon! Meet new post-docs and group leaders
The post-docs recruited through the first UCMR_MIMS call and the new MIMS group leaders will present their research. Bernt Eric Uhlin director of MIMS and UCMR will give an update over the newest developments at MIMS.

pdfFinal programme for download

14.00 Bernt Eric Uhlin, Director of MIMS and UCMR

14.15 Felipe Cava, Group leader MIMS
The MUREINome: deciphering cell wall plasticity in bacteria towards the development of a new generation of specific antimicrobials

Laura Alvarez Muñoz, post-doc Cava group

14.45 Kyaw Aung, post-doc Wai group
Role of Vibrio cholerae factor H binding protein in serum resistance

15.00 Haitham Elbir, post-doc Bergström group
Genomics of relapsing fever borreliosis

15.15 Pontus Svenmarkerpost-doc Axner group
Exploring the effect of mechanical induced stress on type 1 pili biogenesis

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 Vasili Hauryliuk, Group leader MIMS
Bacterial stress response as target for antimicrobials: Modulation of the stringent response messenger ppGpp

Roshani Payoe, post-doc Hauryliuk group

16.30 Nabil Karah, post-doc Uhlin group
Identification of potential type VI secretion system effectors in Acinetobacter baumannii

16.45 Naresh Sunduru, post-doc Elofsson group
Design and synthesis of novel sulfonamides as anti-Chlamydial agents and target identification

17.00 Gaurav Gupta, post-doc Gekara group
Role of Ubiquitin ligases in innate immunity

17.15 Pardeep Singh, post-doc Almqvist group
Bifunctional hybrids of mannosides and pilicides: Molecular hybridization approach toward urinary tract infections

The meeting is open for everybody, but please register for the coffee break.

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Battling antibiotic resistance

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