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Vasili Hauryliuk honoured with Estonian National Research Award

[vasili hauryliuk 1402018-03-02] Congratulations to Vasili Hauryliuk, who was honored with the National Research Award in Chemistry and Molecular Biology 2018 of the Republic of Estonia on 20th of February in Tartu. Hauryliuk was awarded as one of seven members of a research team at UT Institute of Technology led by Tanel Tenson, professor of the technology of antimicrobial compounds. The team was awarded for the cycle of research works, “Mechanisms of antibiotic action and antibiotic resistance”. The other members in the awarded research team are: Arvi Jõers, Niilo Kaldalu, Karin Kogermann, Ülo Maiväli, Marta Putrinš, all UT Institute of Technology. 

The webpage of the Estonian Research Council mentioned the motivation for the recognition of the research team from UT Institute of Technology: "The research group led by professor Tenson approached antibiotics in a multifaceted way, studying the biochemical mechanisms of action as well as the effects on bacterial cells. The part of their collective work which was most innovative demonstrated the transfer of genetic material repressing the action of medicine from environmental microbes to human pathogens. The results of the research make an effective contribution to the creation of new antibiotics."

The prize was presented by Prime Minister Jüri Ratas during a ceremony at Haapsalu's Läänemaa Gymnasium as an event of the Estonia 100 centenary week (19th - 25th February 2018) to celebrate Estonia's 100th anniversary.

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Picture: Vasili Hauryliuk. photographer: Eva-Maria Diehl

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