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NMR Core Facility

The KBC-based Magnetic Resonance Platform at the Department of Chemistry, KBC, Umeå University, is based on a number of spectrometers (360-850 MHz) and provides support for analysis of a wide variety of biological samples using NMR-based techniques. The infrastructure is a node in the national network NMR for Life and the Swedish NMR Centre.

Based on major funding by Wallenberg and Kempe Fundations, the NMR platform provides access to modern instruments, perfectly suited for most NMR applications, both in solution and in solid-state. The platform provides service and access to all KBC and Campus groups, as well as training in state-of-the-art NMR methodology. In addition, it has an open-access policy for academic/industrial partners at a national/international level.

Connected to this facility is an internationally well recognized, highly collaborative NMR community at UmU (ca. 15 groups) who cover a wide scope of basic and applied research including:

  • Biofluid and tissue NMR Metabolomics
  • Solid State NMR applications for material and environmental sciences
  • Solid and Liquid state membrane lipids and proteins NMR
  • Protein dynamics and folding
  • Protein-ligand interaction studies
  • Fragment-based Screening (FBS)
  • Plant cell wall structure
  • NMR methods development

The platform acts as a core facility for several major research projects (Umeå Centre for Microbial Research, and Bio4energy).

More information about the equipment, project application and staff at the NMR Core Facility, please visit the website of the NMR Core Facility

Emmanuelle Charpentier took the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Emmanuelle has been awarded jointly with Jennifer Doudna the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering the groundbreaking CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology. She is a former group leader at MIMS, honorary doctor at Umeå University and former visiting professor at UCMR.

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