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MIMS Group Leaders

The independent MIMS Group Leaders are the centre of MIMS. The recruitment of young, talented international scientists is following the non-tenured EMBL Group Leader model. The MIMS Group Leaders and their laboratories are evaluated after five years by external reviewers. After a positive evaluation the funding of the MIMS Group Leaders will be prolongued for additional four years.

Ellen Bushell

Ellen Bushell

Department of Molecular Biology
Parasite-host interactions that govern malaria infection and disease

Henriksson Johan 5551 190411 MPN web square

Johan Henriksson

Department of Molecular Biology
T cell systems biology

Puhar Andrea 8988 MPN square

Andrea Puhar

Department of Molecular Biology 
Extracellular ATP – an endogenous danger signal and its role in intestinal infection and inflammation

Bjorn Schroder Christopher Coe square

Björn Ole Schröder

Department of Molecular Biology
Gut microbiota and intestinal mucosal barrier function

Sixt Barbara 1150 MPN square

Barbara Susanne Sixt

Department of Molecular Biology
Cell-autonomous immunity – uncovering the pathogen-suppressed cellular defense pathways

MIMS Team Leaders

Sandblad Linda 2916 square

Linda Sandblad, Department of Chemistry
Director of Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy (UCEM)

Specialization: Structure, assembly and cellular organization of the cytoskeleton

 Richard Lundmark Richard Lundmark, Department of Integrative Medical Biology
Director of Biochemical Imaging Centre Umeå (BICU)

Specialization: Studying proteins and mechanisms that facilitate sculpting of cellular membranes into small vesicular structures
Andre Mateus André Mateus, Department of Chemistry

Specialization: Understanding how proteins function in the species of the human gut microbiome

MIMS Senior Principal Investigators

A select group of established and successful scientists working in infection medicine and other relevant fields at Umeå University, who offer leadership to MIMS and mentorship to its more junior PIs and take an active interest in the Nordic EMBL Partnership and wider EMBL network. They are outstanding scientists who reflect the breadth and diversity of infection research in Umeå across disciplines, faculties and departments. Senior PIs do not receive research funding from MIMS. Their association may be re-evaluated based on changing requirements, considering research excellence, strategic needs, and collaboration opportunities needed to create to the intellectually stimulating environment MIMS wants to offer its group leaders and clinical fellows.

Maria FällmanProfessorMolekylärbiologiFoto: Mattias PetterssonFotad för Aktum   

Maria Fällman, Professor in Medical Microbiology
Department for Molecular Biology
Deputy Director of MIMS


Specialization: Molecular mechanisms involved in bacterial persistence in host tissue

 Nyunt Wai Sun 8856 151127 MPN square  

Sun Nyunt Wai, Professor in Medical Microbial Pathogenesis
Department of Molecular Biology
Member of the National Steering Board, NDPIA

Specialization: Roles of bacterial membrane vesicles and Vibrio cholerae type VI secretion system in host interactions and inter-bacterial virulence.

 Arnberg Niklas 4087 110823 MPN square  

Niklas Arnberg, Professor in Virology
Department of Clinical Microbiology

Specialization: Virus-host cell interactions: implications for tropism, treatment, and targeting

 Felipe Cava, forskare vid. Molekylär Infektionsmedicin  

Felipe Cava, Assistent Professor
Department of Molecular Biology
Director of Umeå Hypoxia Research Facility (UHRF)

Specialization: Understanding the structure and composition of bacterial cell walls – a database opens for new antibacterial strategies

 Martin Rosvall Martin Rosvall, Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
Director of Integrated Science Lab (IceLab)

Specialization: Understanding how the flow of information through social and biological systems affect their function
 Johan Normark Johan Normark, Associate Professor 
Department of Clinical Microbiology
WCMM-associated researcher

Specialization: Host immunological and metabolomic responses to acute infections and vaccination
 Fredrik Almqvist Fredrik Almqvist, Professor of Organic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Deputy Director of the Umeå Center for Microbial Research (UCMR)

Specialization: Finding new solutions for infectious and neurodegenerative diseases

MIMS Investigators

MIMS Investigators are MIMS affiliated junior PIs from anywhere in Sweden. Investigators will be of a similar calibre as MIMS Group Leaders. They are full members of the MIMS community.

 Carlsson Lars Anders 8281 161213 MPN cr Lars-Anders Carlson, Assistant Professor
Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics
Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine

Specialization: Studying human viruses and the molecular mechanisms that they use to replicate themselves.


 Carlsson Lars Anders 8281 161213 MPN cr Laura Carroll, Assistant University Lecturer
Department of Clinical Microbiology
DDLS Fellow

Specialization: Developing and utilizing bioinformatic approaches to monitor and combat the spread of bacterial pathogens.

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