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Curriculum Vitae Felipe Cava

Felipe Cava                                                                            

Associate Professor. (Docent).

MIMS - Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden

Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University

Laboratory 6k-146. Office 6L-142, SE-901 87 Umeå. Sweden                                            

telephone: +46-090-7856755, Fax: +46(0)90-77 26 30

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Since 2013. Associate Professor. Molecular Biology Dept. at Umeå University. Sweden.

Since 2013. MIMS Group Leader. Sweden (EMBL).  Sweden.

2013-2018. Wallenberg Academy Fellow. Umeå University. Sweden.

2012-2013. Vocal of the Microbiology Department. CBMSO. Spain.

2011-2013. Assistant Professor of Microbiology. UAM. Madrid. Spain.

2011-2013. Ramon y Cajal Investigator at CBMSO (CSIC-UAM). Madrid. Spain.

2009-2010. Fulbright Post-doctoral fellow. Harvard Medical School. Boston. USA.

2007-2008. HHMI research associate. BWH/ Harvard Medical School. Boston. USA.



2014. Docent. Umeå University. Sweden.

2007. European PhD in Molecular Biology/Microbiology. Centro de Biología Molecular “Severo Ochoa” (CBMSO). Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Spain.

2001. Ms.Sci. in Molecular Biology. UAM. Spain.

2001. Teaching Aptitude Certificate. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spain.

2000. Ms.Sci. in Biochemistry. UAM. Spain.



2007-2010. Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Boston. Boston, MA.

2005. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Stratford, NJ. USA                

2004. Universitá degli Studi di Parma. Parma. Italy.

2002. Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne. Institut de Biologie Structurale et Microbiologie, CNRS. Marseille. France.



Total funding as main applicant since 2013: 37.3 MSEK

- 2015. Kempe foundation. 2,000 kSEK

- 2014. Kempe KBC postdoc. 500 kSEK

- 2014. Kempe foundation 2014-2015. 1,900 kSEK

- 2014. Umeå university rörliga resursen. 250 kSEK

- 2014. Umeå university Medical Faculty infrastructure. 750kSEK

- 2014. UCMR-MIMS postdoc. 500 kSEK

- 2013. Swedish Research Council. 2014-2018. 8,500 kSEK

- 2013. MIMS Group Leaders Starting Grant. 2013-2018. 5,500 kSEK (renewable for + 4 yrs)

- 2012. Wallenberg Academy Fellows/Umeå University. 2013-2018. 17,500 kSEK (renewable for + 5 yrs)



2014. Top funded Project to an UMU Young investigator by Swedish Research Council 2013.;

2012. Wallenberg Academy Fellow. International competition. 30 Young Group Leaders/year awarded to all disciplines. (

2012. MIMS (EMBL Sweden) Young Group Leader. International call. 2 recruitments/ two years. Ranked 1. (

2010. Ramon y Cajal Investigator (UAM, Spain). International call. Ranked 2 (99.6/100).

2012. Best Oral Communication Award. SEMM. Palma de Mallorca. Spain.

2011. Best Poster Award. SEM. Salamanca. Spain.

2007. Best CBMSO PhD Thesis Award.

2007. Best UAM PhD Thesis Award.

2007. Doctor Europaeus. (European PhD Mention). UAM. Madrid, Spain.



2017. Great Wall V, 2017. Portugal.

2016. Vibrio meeting 2016, 29 March-1 April 2016. Station Biologique of Roscoff, France.

2015. BioMicroWorld, 28-30 Oct 2015. Barcelona. España.

2015. NSCMID meeting. 3-6 Sept 2015, Umeå University. Umeå, Suecia

2014. NMMN meeting. 26-28 August, Umeå University. Umeå, Suecia

2014. MicroScale Thermophoresis workshop. Umeå University. Umeå, Suecia



Member of the Young Academy of Europe (YAE), the Spanish Society of Microbiology (SEM) and Molecular Microbiology (SEMM); Swedish Society of Microbiology (SFM); European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID, ID: 115090) and American Society of Microbiology (ASM).



External evaluator of ERC Starting Grant “Cellular and Developmental Biology”.

2011-2013. Seminar commission coordinator. Department of Microbiology. CBMSO. Spain.

Spanish research council Project evaluator. Referee of diverse journals in such as Molecular Microbiology, PNAS, J. Bacteriology, Gene, PLoS One, Microbiology, Biochemie…



1. Cava F and Espaillat A. Biotechnological, Biomedical and industrial applications of D-amino acids and its generation by broad spectrum racemases in A. hydrophila. OEPM: 201331891. UAM.  Spain. 2013.

2. Cava F and Espaillat A. Biotechnological, Biomedical and industrial applications of D-amino acids and its generation by broad spectrum racemases in A. baumanii. OEPM: 201331890. UAM.  Spain. 2013.

3. Cava F. Biotechnological, Biomedical and industrial applications of D-amino acids and its generation by broad spectrum racemases. OEPM: 201231749. UAM.  Spain. 2012.

4. Berenguer J, Cava F and Blas-Galindo E.

New thermostable selection marker for genetic manipulation of Thermus spp. OEPM: 200603279. UAM-CSIC.  Spain. 2013.

5. Bolívar JM, Cava F, Mateo C, Rocha-Martín J, F-Lafuente R, Guisán JM, Berenguer J

Immobilization and characterization of a new recombinant enzyme from T. thermophilus with interest as biosensor and biocatalyst. OEPM: 20070816. UAM-CSIC.  Spain. 2013.


Teaching activity

2015- Associate Professor of Microbiology at UmU. Umeå, Sweden. 150h/yr.

- Microbiology and Basic Molecular Biology (Life Science and Biomedicine).

2011-2013. Assistant Professor of Microbiology at UAM. Madrid, Spain. 200h/yr

- Environmental Microbiology (Environmental Biology).

- Introduction to Microbiology (Biochemistry)

- Food microbiology (Nutrition and Human dietary)

- Bacterial physiology (Master of Microbiology)

2012- Principles in Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology Boston University “study abroad” Program. Boston University-UAM. (

2005. Invited Professor. PhD program in Extremophiles. 10h. Biotechnology of Extremophiles. Dipartimento di Scienze ambientali. Università degli Studi di Parma. Italy.

2001-2006. Instructor in Microbiology. 80 hours/year. UAM. Madrid, Spain

2002-2003. Instructor in the VI Master in Biotechnology. 160h. UAM. Madrid, Spain

2000-2001. Instructor in Microbiology. 60 hours/year. UAM. Madrid, Spain

2001. Invited professor in Applied Microbiology. 10h. USEK. Segovia. Spain



Postdocs and technical staff

2016-. Muriel van Teeseling. Postdoc. UmU.

2015-. Emilio Bueno, Akhilesh K. Yadav and  Keshav Kumar. Postdocs UmU.

2014-. Teresa del Peso. Postdoctoral research associate. UmU.

2014-. Sara Belen Hernandez. Postdoc. UmU.

2013-. Laura Álvarez. Postdoc. UmU.

2013-2014. Carlos Terriente. From 2013. Eleonore Skärfstad. Lab. Technicians. UmU.


PhD students

2014-. Alena Aliashkevich.

2013-. Akbar Espaillat.

Master, Erasmus and Bachelor project

2016. Amparo Picard. Erasmus project.

2015. Andreas Gunnarsson, Anton Langman, Astrid Råberg, Evgeniy Donev y Victoria Branberg. “Design-Build-Test” Master project. Umeå University.

2015. Loris Cagnacci. Master. Umeå University.

2015. Oskar Forsmo. Master. Umeå University.

2014. Carlos Terriente. Master. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia. Spain.

2014. Emilie Nordström. Master. Umeå University.

2014. Alena Aliashkevich. Master. Umeå University.

2012. Akbar Espaillat. Master. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

2012. Gonzalo López. Master. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

2012. Manon Bruiyant. Master. Montpellier University

2012. Francisco Navas. Master. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

2012. Pilar Horcajo. Bachelor final project. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

2009. Matthew Guerding. “Rotation student” codirected with Matthew K. Waldor. Harvard University


Academic advisor and Thesis committees

Alba Blesa (CBMSO, UAM), Ewa Bukowska-Faniband (Lund University), Ala Javadi (Umeå University), Shi Pey Wong (Umeå University), Akbar Espaillat (Umeå University), Cesar Carrasco-Lopez (CSIC), Manuel Salvador (University of Sevilla), Javier Rocha (CSIC-UAM), Olga Sambricio Moreno (CBMSO, UAM), Zaira Martin (CSIC-UAM).

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