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Welcome Anna Överby Wernstedt as the next MIMS Deputy Director

Written by Nóra Lehotai. Photo: Anna Överby Wernstedt. Credit: Mattias Petterson.


From January 2022, Anna Överby Wernstedt is the new Deputy Director of MIMS, taking over this role from Prof. Maria Fällman.

AÖ“I am very much looking forward to being more involved and helping both the existing MIMS groups, its leadership, but also the new group leaders grow”-says Anna. “I know from my own personal experience that coming to Umeå as a new group leader, not knowing anyone and not knowing what it takes to be a group leader, is a jungle one can get lost in. I would like to be there for them to help.” 


 Anna Överby Wernstedt joined MIMS initially as one of the junior MIMS group leaders recruited according to the EMBL model. At the end of her term, she took a position at the Department of Clinical Microbiology as associate professor in virology. Her research is focusing on different aspects of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) to identify molecular pathways that determine how tick-borne encephalitis infects the host and spread through the brain.

MIMS would like to show appreciation and express gratitude to Maria Fällman for sharing her knowledge and providing service throughout the years as Deputy Director. Thankfully, the collaboration continues as Maria Fällman is now one of the members of the new MIMS Senior PI group.


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