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Welcome Björn Ole Schröder!

Skarmavbild 2019 04 05 kl. 17.35.57[2019-04-05] Starting on 1st April as new group leader, Björn Ole Schröder is currently setting up his new laboratory at MIMS.

Björn, a trained biochemist with a strong interest in microbiology and immunology, was born in Kiel in nothern Germany. MIMS recruited the young group leader from the Institute of Medicine - Wallenberg Laboratory, University of Gothenburg, where he was postdoc and assistant professor in the laboratory of Fredrik Bäckhed. Björn  studied  Biochemistry at the Technische Universität, Munich, Germany, where he also got his Masters degree. He earned his PhD in biology with Summa cum Laude, from the University in Tübingen, Germany.

Björn Ole Schröder's research focuses on how diet and other factors change the composition of our intestinal bacteria, and how these microbial changes modulate our defense systems in the gut. His special research interest is the mucus layer that coats the intestinal epithelium, and antimicrobial peptides, which are peptide antibiotics produced by all body surfaces.

His research is very interdisciplinary and he is looking forward collaborations at Umeå University. He as already contacted researchers at the Department of Food and Nutrition and from the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine. And sees also within the Department of Molecular Biology, where MIMS and UCMR is managed, identified several potential collaboration partners.

As reasons why he chose MIMS for his new laboratory, Björn mentioned the "very stimulating scientific environment at MIMS as well as the strong support for young group leaders." Also the supportive attitude of the MIMS Director, Oliver Billker convinced him.

"When I received the call from Oliver Billker, one of his first questions was: 'We want you to succeed, how can we help you with that?”', Björn Ole continued.

"Also, it is my impression that people here collaborate and support each other a lot, which is a spirit I really like. And of course, the link to the EMBL and the Nordic EMBL Partnership also allows great opportunities for collaborations. To me, Umeå University and MIMS with their strong tradition and expertise in microbiology seem as a very attractive place to work. And also, as I mentioned, whoever you talk to, people are supportive and want to find solutions, so I am really looking forward to become part of this community."

Link to Björn Ole Schröder's wepage

Björn Schröder is currently recruiting PhD students and Postdocs.  Interested young scientists are welcome to contact him.

More information is found here:

pdf1 PhD and at least 2 Postdoc opportunities – Diet, gut microbiota, mucosal barrier function

Picture: Mattias Petterson

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