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H. Wolf-Watz

The Type III secretion system of pathogenic Yersinia

wolfwatz_hans_smallHans Wolf-Watz

There are three human pathogenic strains of Yersinia; Y.pestis , Y.pseudotuberculosis and Y.enterocolitica . Y.pestis is the causative agent of plague; and was responsible for the Black death during the 14th century. This family of bacteria harbours a common virulence plasmid which encodes a number of secreted proteins collectively called Yops (Yersinia outer proteins). These proteins are expressed during infection and they are major antihost factors.

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Emmanuelle Charpentier:
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Emmanuelle Charpentier, Alumna at MIMS, now Director of the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens and Director of the Department of Regulation in Infection Biology, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin, Germany.

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