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Publications of the Johansson Group

Quereda, J.J., Andersson, C., Cossart, P., Johansson, J. and Pizarro-Cerda, J. (2018) Role in virulence of phospholipases, listeriolysin O and listeriolysin S from epidemic Listeria monocytogenes using the chicken embryo infection model. Vet Res 49(1), 13.

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Bareclev, C., Vaitkevicius, K., Netterling, S. and Johansson, J. (2014) DExD-box RNA-helicases in Listeria monocytogenes are important for growth, ribosomal maturation, rRNA processing and virulence factor expression. RNA Biol 11(11), 1457-1466.

Tiensuu T, Andersson C, Rydén P and Johansson J (2013). Cycles of light and dark co-ordinate reversible colony differentiation in Listeria monocytogenes. Mol Microbiol, 87 (4): 909-924.
PubMed Link

Netterling S, Vaitkevicius K, Nord S and Johansson J (2012). A Listeria monocytogenes RNA helicase essential for growth and ribosomal maturation at low temperatures Uses Its C terminus for appropriate interaction with the ribosome. J Bacteriol, 194 (16): 4377-4385.
PubMed Link

Loh E, Memarpour F, Vaitkevicius K, Kallipolitis BH, Johansson J* and Sondén B* (2012). An unstructured 5'-coding region of the prfA mRNA is required for efficient translation. Nucleic Acids Res, 40 (4): 1818-1827. *Corresponding Authors
PubMed Link

Mansjö M, Johansson J*,  (2011)
The Riboflavin analog Roseoflavin targets an FMN-riboswitch and blocks Listeria monocytogenes growth, but also stimulates virulence gene-expression and infection
RNA Biol 8:4: 674-680
PubMed Link  *Correspondending Author

Park HS, Östberg Y, Johansson J, Wagner EG, Uhlin BE (2010)
Novel role for a bacterial nucleoid protein in translation of mRNAs with suboptimal ribosome-binding sites
Genes Dev 24: 1345-1350
PubMed Link

Gripenland J, Netterling S, Loh E, Tiensuu T, Toledo-Arana A, Johansson J (2010)
RNAs: regulators of bacterial virulence
Nat Rev Microbiol 8: 857-866
PubMed Link

Engström P, Bailey L, Onskog T, Bergström S, Johansson J (2010)
A comparative study of RNA and DNA as internal gene expression controls early in the developmental cycle of Chlamydia pneumoniae
FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol 58: 244-253
PubMed Link

Toledo-Arana A, Dussurget O, Nikitas G, Sesto N, Guet-Revillet H, Balestrino D, Loh E, Gripenland J, Tiensuu T, Vaitkevicius K, Barthelemy M, Vergassola M, Nahori MA, Soubigou G, Regnault B, Coppee JY, Lecuit M, Johansson J, Cossart P (2009)
The transcriptional landscape of Listeria monocytogenes: Switch from saprophytism to virulence
Nature 459: 950-956
PubMed Link

Loh E, Dussurget O, Gripenland J, Vaitkevicius K, Tiensuu T, Mandin P, Repoila F, Buchrieser C, Cossart P, Johansson J (2009)
A trans-acting riboswitch controls expression of the virulence regulator PrfA in Listeria monocytogenes
Cell 139: 770-779
PubMed Link

Johansson J (2009)
RNA thermosensors in bacterial pathogens
Contrib Microbiol 16: 150-160
PubMed Link

Song T, Mika F, Lindmark B, Liu Z, Schild S, Bishop A, Zhu J, Camilli A, Johansson J, Vogel J, Wai SN (2008)
A new Vibrio cholerae sRNA modulates colonization and affects release of outer membrane vesicles
Mol Microbiol 70: 100-111
PubMed Link

Velge P, Herler M, Johansson J, Roche SM, Temoin S, Fedorov AA, Gracieux P, Almo SC, Goebel W, Cossart P (2007)
A naturally occurring mutation K220T in the pleiotropic activator PrfA of Listeria monocytogenes results in a loss of virulence due to decreasing DNA-binding affinity
Microbiology 153: 995-1005
PubMed Link

Loh E, Gripenland J, Johansson J (2006)
Control of Listeria monocytogenes virulence by 5'-untranslated RNA
Trends Microbiol 14: 294-298
PubMed Link

Balsalobre C, Johansson J, Uhlin BE (2006)
Cyclic AMP-dependent osmoregulation of crp gene expression in Escherichia coli
J Bacteriol 188: 5935-5844
PubMed Link

Mandin P, Fsihi H, Dussurget O, Vergassola M, Milohanic E, Toledo-Arana A, Lasa I, Johansson J, Cossart P (2005)
VirR, a response regulator critical for Listeria monocytogenes virulence
Mol Microbiol 57: 1367-1380
PubMed Link

Ostberg Y, Bunikis I, Bergstrom S, Johansson J (2004)
The etiological agent of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, appears to contain only a few small RNA molecules
J Bacteriol 186: 8472-8477
PubMed Link

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