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Publications of the Lundmark Group

Vonderstein K, Nilsson E, Hubel P, Nygard Skalman L, Upadhyay A, Pasto J, Pichlmair A, Lundmark R, Överby AK (2018)
Viperin targets flavivirus virulence by inducing assembly of non-infectious capsid particles.
Journal of virology 92: e01751-17
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Vidal-Quadras M, Holst MR, Francis MK, Larsson E, Hachimi M, Yau WL, Peranen J, Martin-Belmonte F, Lundmark R (2017)
Endocytic turnover of Rab8 controls cell polarization.
J Cell Sci 130: 1147-1157
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Storm RJ, Persson BD, Skalman LN, Frangsmyr L, Lindstrom M, Rankin G, Lundmark R, Domellof FP, Arnberg N (2017)
Human Adenovirus Type 37 Uses alphaVbeta1 and alpha3beta1 Integrins for Infection of Human Corneal Cells.
Journal of virology 91
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Melo AA, Hegde BG, Shah C, Larsson E, Isas JM, Kunz S, Lundmark R, Langen R,Daumke O (2017)
Structural insights into the activation mechanism of dynamin-like EHD ATPases.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114: 5629-5634
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Kindstedt E, Holm CK, Sulniute R, Martinez-Carrasco I, Lundmark R, Lundberg P (2017)
CCL11, a novel mediator of inflammatory bone resorption.
Scientific reports 7: 5334
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Holst MR, Vidal-Quadras M, Larsson E, Song J, Hubert M, Blomberg J, Lundborg M, Landstrom M, Lundmark R (2017)
Clathrin-Independent Endocytosis Suppresses Cancer Cell Blebbing and Invasion.
Cell reports 20: 1893-1905
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Hoernke M, Mohan J, Larsson E, Blomberg J, Kahra D, Westenhoff S, Schwieger C, Lundmark R (2017)
EHD2 restrains dynamics of caveolae by an ATP-dependent, membrane-bound, open conformation.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114: E4360-E4369
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Daste F, Walrant A, Holst MR, Gadsby JR, Mason J, Lee JE, Brook D, Mettlen M, Larsson E, Lee SF, Lundmark R, Gallop JL (2017) Control of actin polymerization via the coincidence of phosphoinositides and high membrane curvature. J Cell Biol 216: 3745-3765
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Bagnato P, Castagnino A, Cortese K, Bono M, Grasso S, Bellese G, Daniele T, Lundmark R, Defilippi P, Castagnola P, Tacchetti C (2017) Cooperative but distinct early co-signaling events originate from ERBB2 and ERBB1 receptors upon trastuzumab treatment in breast cancer cells. Oncotarget 8: 60109-60122
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Rompikuntal PK, Vdovikova S, Duperthuy M, Johnson TL, Ahlund M, Lundmark R, Oscarsson J, Sandkvist M, Uhlin BE, Wai SN (2015)
Outer Membrane Vesicle-Mediated Export of Processed PrtV Protease from Vibrio cholerae.
PloS one 10: e0134098
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Mohan J, Moren B, Larsson E, Holst MR, Lundmark R (2015)
Cavin3 interacts with cavin1 and caveolin1 to increase surface dynamics of caveolae.
J Cell Sci 128: 979-91
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Francis MK, Holst MR, Vidal-Quadras M, Henriksson S, Santarella-Mellwig R, Sandblad L, Lundmark R (2015)
Endocytic membrane turnover at the leading edge is driven by a transient interaction between Cdc42 and GRAF1.
J Cell Sci 128: 4183-95
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Shah C, Hegde BG, Morén B, Behrmann E, Mielke T, Moenke G, Spahn CM, Lundmark R, Daumke O, Langen R (2014)
Structural insights into membrane interaction and caveolar targeting of dynamin-like EHD2.
Structure 22: 409-420
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Olofsson A, Nygard Skalman L, Obi I, Lundmark R, Arnqvist A (2014)
Uptake of Helicobacter pylori vesicles is facilitated by clathrin-dependent and clathrin-independent endocytic pathways.
mBio 5: e00979-14
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Edwin A, Rompikuntal P, Björn E, Stier G, Wai SN, Sauer-Eriksson AE (2013) Calcium binding by the PKD1 domain regulates interdomain flexibility in Vibrio cholerae metalloprotease PrtV.
FEBS open bio 3: 263-270
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Cortese K, Howes MT, Lundmark R, Tagliatti E, Bagnato P, Petrelli A, Bono M, McMahon HT, Parton RG, Tacchetti C (2013)
The HSP90 inhibitor geldanamycin perturbs endosomal structure and drives recycling ErbB2 and transferrin to modified MVBs/lysosomal compartments. Molecular biology of the cell 24: 129-144
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Morén B, Shah C, Howes MT, Schieber NL, McMahon HT, Parton RG, Daumke O, Lundmark R (2012)
EHD2 regulates caveola dynamics via ATP-driven targeting and oligomerization.
Molecular Biology of the Cell. Apr;23(7):1316-1329.
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Doherty GJ, Åhlund MK, Howes M, Morén B, Parton RG, McMahon HT, Lundmark R (2012)
The endocytic protein GRAF1 is directed to cell matrix adhesion sites and regulates cell spreading.
Molecular Biology of the Cell. Nov;22(22):4380-4389.
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Lundmark R, Carlsson SR (2010)
Driving membrane curvature in clathrin-dependent and clathrin-independent endocytosis
Semin Cell Dev Biol 21 (4): 363-370
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Howes MT, Kirkham M, Riches J, Cortese K, Walser PJ, Simpson F, Hill MM, Jones A, Lundmark R, Lindsay MR, Hernandez-Deviez DJ, Hadzic G, McCluskey A, Bashir R, Liu L, Pilch P, McMahon H, Robinson PJ, Hancock JF, Mayor S, Parton RG (2010)
Clathrin-independent carriers form a high capacity endocytic sorting system at the leading edge of migrating cells
J Cell Biol 190 (4): 675-691
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Lundmark R, Carlsson SR (2009)
SNX9 - a prelude to vesicle release
J Cell Sci 122 (Pt 1): 5-11
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Eberth A, Lundmark R, Gremer L, Dvorsky R, Koessmeier KT, McMahon HT, Ahmadian MR (2009)
A BAR domain-mediated autoinhibitory mechanism for RhoGAPs of the GRAF family
Biochem J 417 (1): 371-377
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Doherty GJ, Lundmark R (2009)
GRAF1-dependent endocytosis
Biochem Soc Trans 37 (Pt 5): 1061-1065
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Pylypenko O, Ignatev A, Lundmark R, Rasmuson E, Carlsson SR, Rak A (2008)
A combinatorial approach to crystallization of PX-BAR unit of the human Sorting Nexin 9
J Struct Biol 162 (2): 356-360
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Lundmark R, Doherty GJ, Vallis Y, Peter BJ, McMahon HT (2008)
Arf family GTP loading is activated by, and generates, positive membrane curvature
Biochem J 414 (2): 189-194
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Lundmark R, Doherty GJ, Howes MT, Cortese K, Vallis Y, Parton RG, McMahon HT (2008)
The GTPase-activating protein GRAF1 regulates the CLIC/GEEC endocytic pathway
Curr Biol 18 (22): 1802-1808
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Håberg K, Lundmark R, Carlsson SR (2008)
SNX18 is an SNX9 paralog that acts as a membrane tubulator in AP-1-positive endosomal trafficking
J Cell Sci 121 (Pt 9): 1495-1505
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Pylypenko O, Lundmark R, Rasmuson E, Carlsson SR, Rak A (2007)
The PX-BAR membrane-remodeling unit of sorting nexin 9
EMBO J 26 (22): 4788-4800
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Daumke O*, Lundmark R*, Vallis Y, Martens S, Butler PJ, McMahon HT (2007)
Architectural and mechanistic insights into an EHD ATPase involved in membrane remodelling
Nature 449 (7164): 923-927. *These authors contributed equally to this work
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Marchès O, Batchelor M, Shaw RK, Patel A, Cummings N, Nagai T, Sasakawa C, Carlsson SR, Lundmark R, Cougoule C, Caron E, Knutton S, Connerton I, Frankel G (2006)
EspF of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli binds sorting nexin 9
J Bacteriol 188 (8): 3110-3115
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Lundmark R, Carlsson SR (2005)
Expression and properties of sorting nexin 9 in dynamin-mediated endocytosis
Methods Enzymol 404 545-556
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Lundmark R, Carlsson SR (2004)
Regulated membrane recruitment of dynamin-2 mediated by sorting nexin 9
J Biol Chem 279 (41): 42694-42702
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Lundmark R, Carlsson SR (2003)
Sorting nexin 9 participates in clathrin-mediated endocytosis through interactions with the core components
J Biol Chem 278 (47): 46772-46781
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Lundmark R, Carlsson SR (2002)
The beta-appendages of the four adaptor-protein (AP) complexes: structure and binding properties, and identification of sorting nexin 9 as an accessory protein to AP-2
Biochem J 362 (Pt 3): 597-607
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