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Summer students welcome!

Undergraduate and Masters students  - get practical training in a research lab!

Are you an undergraduate or Master student and would like to get more lab experience in biochemistry or microbiology or in bioinformatics?

Several research groups are looking for summer students at MIMS and the department of Molecular Biology. In case you are interested, please contact the respective group leader.

1. Atkinson lab and Hauryliuk lab - bioinformatics, lab experience in biochemistry and microbiology

Gemma Atkinson is looking for students with an interest in bioinformatics, particularly if they want to do some coding in Python.
Find more information and contact details on her web page:

Vasili Hauryliuk is looking for students who want to get lab experience in biochemistry and microbiology.
This is his web page

Both labs work on:

  • Evolution, function and structure of ABCF translation and antibiotic resistance factors in eukaryotes and bacteria
  • Functional diversity of small alarmone (ppGpp) synthetases in bacteria and bacteriophages
  • Biochemistry of long alarmone synthetases Rel, RelA and SpoT
  • Prediction and verification of novel toxin-antitoxin systems
  • Development of bioinformatics tools for comparative evolutionary sequence analysis

(We usually don’t pay our short-term project students as we don’t have the budget for that. However, it’s our policy to include project students as co-authors on papers if they have contributed to the project, and previous students have done well in that respect)  

2. Henriksson lab - Computer and/or math/stats savvy students wanted!

You don't need to be a biologist if you are interested in computing sciences and or mathematics and interested in systems biology or statistics, you will get a very good opportunity to learn from Johan Henriksson, who just joint MIMS.

We like to model biology through equations. Do you want to help us? Summer projects/thesis options/etc possible.

Go to for more information.

Find more about Johan Henriksson on

For more information about MIMS, please contact Eva-Maria Diehl, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., MIMS communication officer


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